Get a Second Season of #SymBionicTitan

Last year, we put this petition out for you guys to sign. A good number of you did, but some of you didn’t. So here’s the deal: We brought this petition back out so you guys that want a second season can try and do so. We are not saying you have to sign, but if you could reblog and spread the word, that would be awesome. Thanks.


On September 8th, 2000, TOM encountered a creature that changed the face of Toonami. In 2015 (date tbd), TOM and Sara will face that creature again.
Toonami is happy to announce THE INTRUDER: PART 2! Why are we telling you about this so early? Simple! WE NEED YOUR HELP. This weekend, we need every Toonami faithful to Tweet, FB post, Instagram, etc  the hashtag, “#intruder2.” The level of interest you guys show will determine how BIG the story we get to tell is. This adventure is in YOUR HANDS. Let us know if you’re excited for THE INTRUDER: PART 2 by posting about it, talking about it, and making your excitement known to the world! TOM and Sara are about to have their greatest adventure yet… and we promise, Toonami will not be the same.
Love, The Toonami Crew.
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WE ARE STILL ON THE AIR. Seriously, that’s huge.
We’re doing great, ratings-wise, 2014 is looking amazing (Space Dandy will surely top our 2014 list!), and it’s all thanks to you, our viewers. You brought Toonami back from the dead, and YOU keep it going week to week with your passion, your love, (even your hate- we see you hate watchers!), and your energy. We work hard to make Toonami something special because we take this very seriously, and it’s been beyond gratifying to watch as Toonami slowly gains back its strength and becomes a block to be reckoned with (we see you, ADHD).
Thanks to each and every one of you who watch, Tweet, Tumbl, comment, post, complain, compliment, and share your feelings. You are our family and we love you.

Happy Holidays!
Love, The Toonami Crew.
MusicLab (dream) by NerdHero

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Earl Sweatshirt feat. Frank Ocean | Sunday

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Kitty (Taken with Instagram)
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here we go
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This life is a game, if you wanna play
Then count all your own mistakes
Livin’ it with no delay
So fast I’m getting growing pains
Father didn’t show me my instincts to take the open lane
I go insane
All the problems come with my growing age
Blowin’ Haze
Trying to clear the doubt that’s sitting on my brain
I don’t complain
But the kid inside me’s feeling so restrained
Gotta stay golden
Let desire rekindle the flame
Searchin’ for the Fountain of Youth, when I’m freeing my brain
<---DONT REMOVE---->